Have you ever wondered to know where your child is right now?
If yes, you are at the right place!

It's now made easy with our NeoTag's unique, intelligent and self-adaptable child tracking solution. Get connected with your kid immediately when needed with NeoTag's Smart watch. Know where your child is located with a single tap. You can make a call to your child, receive message and so on via NeoTag.

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NeoTag Watch - An unique, intelligent and self-adaptable child tracking solution

Peace of mind!

With an intelligent and self-adaptable tracking algorithm, NeoTag automatically learns and changes its tracking accuracy based on user needs. We ensure that your child is safe with much peace of mind for you at work/home.

Two-way calls

Not just you can call your child; it is a two ways calling that your child can also call you any time regarding his/her classes or delay in arrival and so on. Calls can be made by the child only to any of the stored (authorized) contacts so that they don't have conversation with any strangers.

Boundary cross Alerts

Sorry kidooooos for setting up such a feature in our NeoTag's Smart watch. Children can no more cross the boundaries defined as safe limits without the knowledge of their guardian. You will be notified when your child enters risky or unwanted areas.

Switch off feature

Oops! What if your child or an intruder switches off the watch?? No worries, only you can switch off the watch and there is no possibility that your child or someone on the other side can do this.

Real-Time Tracking

Using its intelligent and self-adaptable tracking that automatically learns and changes its tracking accuracy based on user needs, NeoTag helps in tracking your kid's with an accuracy of every 30 secs.

NEOTAG APP - Integrated with NeoTag Watch for personalized child tracking GPS system coupled with artificial intelligence
Safe to use

No radiation hazards and best quality for children's use

Play-back option

Want to know whether your child attended his/her badminton class last week?
Cool!!! It is as easy as ABC!!! You can have a track history of your child who was moving anywhere, anytime over the past 6 months.

Emergency Alerts

The watch is equipped with a SOS button. You will be alerted (optional) with a call when the child presses SOS button on his watch in case of any emergency. Don't be afraid that you may miss the call; the call will be routed to multiple stored numbers in case you don't respond. This helps you and your child to overcome any unwanted situation just like that.

Watch removal Alert

Worried if your naughty kid may remove the watch??
Do not worry - one amazing thing is that you will get notified immediately if the watch is removed from your child's hand. So you shall make a wise decision in such a case.

How NeoTag Smart Watches Work

Why only NeoTag?

    • With Self-adaptable ability, we can provide you the best accuracy tracking with least battery usage.
    • Intelligent algorithms ensure less human intervention
    • User-friendly interface (Web, Android & iOS Apps) – You can access within seconds.
    • NeoTag’s representative will visit you and provide a complete demo of the product for free.
    • Immediate on-call support when required.
NeoTag Intelligent GPS Watches & Tags for your kids - Kids location tracking GPS device

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